Sunday, 2 November 2008

Make a difference with a shipping container

If the billboards around where I live are to be believed (and they are just an advertising campaign) then a child dies every 6 seconds in the world from hunger. Indeed, a recent study has shown that 2,500 children die in Africa alone on a daily basis just due to a lack of access to clean water.

So where am I going with this?
Well, just as I chellenged my fellow bloggers to promote the cause of the Blogger Bakeoff, it would not be appropriate if I myself did not promote the cause on my blog.

And so here I am... promoting.

The fact is that I have been hungry today. Very hungry. It was my own fault - I hadn't had the opportunity to eat all day. But then I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. And there is the difference, or at least the difference that Breadline Africa want to make. Every $10,000 that they raise can be used to convert a shipping container into a bread kitchen for an African community - a community that don't have that same opportunity to go and make themselves a sandwich when hungry.

So what am I saying...
Well, by clicking on the little box on the right, you will be taken to the Blogger Bakeoff website, where you can make a donation in Dollars, Pounds, or more importantly in Rands. And even if it is just R5 or R10 - it is more than nothing.

So make a big difference with a small action.


Kirsty Weaver said...

you've been tagged! Check out my blog for the rules and play along! Kirsty x

Tamsin said...

Hi Mike.

Your post is excellent - thanks for promoting the Breadline Africa Blogger Bake Off.

I read a stat the other day that said 'One third of all children under five years of age in sub-Saharan Africa are malnourished' ... and what was even more scarer was this stat: 'Every 3.6 seconds someone in the world dies of hunger'.

Can you believe it?

So, this is why the Blogger Bake Off started - to become part of a bigger solution, because every little bit helps.

If you get a sec to pop down to CT (as one does :-)) please give the Breadline office a call and book a project visit to one of our our container kitchens or pre-schools. I'm sure you'll dig it.

Cheers and thanks again,

Tamsin - Breadline Africa

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