Sunday, 2 November 2008

That was the week that was...

Yes, I know... I have been absent without leave for at least 9 days... But a lot can happen in 9 days... (And very little at the same time)

Let's start with the very little... Work... Not that very little work was done - a lot of work was done, but all the same - the drudgery of completing the year end financial accounts. In my case, much of my time was taken up by learning what exactly I had to do, having been out of the country, and thus not exposed to the South African way of reporting.

Outside of work...
Well, for one, Ulricha and I have found ourselves a new little flat to rent, which we will take occupation of on the 1st December. Yes, I will once again be packing my life into a few cardboard boxes (some of which haven;t yet been unpacked from the last relocation) but this time the move is just down the road, and somehow there is a different significance to this one. We are really looking forward to our new place, and have already started lookign around at furniture, and bathroom accessories and other bits and pieces for "our home". It is all rather exciting!

Also exciting has been our discovery that our local goose population has increased by 4! Yes, the last time we went down to feed our little feathered fans, we were greeted by the sight of 4 new yellow feathered young ones, all equally eager to partake in the food, just as the adults.

And finally (for now anyways) we have started swimming! The weather has been warm for a while, but the water in the swimming pool finally became decent enough to not cause hypothermia, and we took full advantage of that, enjoying time over the last two days to splash about like whales and just enjoy the convenience of the pool.

OK - so that doesn't sound very busy, and not nearly enough to keep me out of circulation for so long... But it kept me busy enough,

I'll try not to be so quiet this week.


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