Sunday, 5 October 2008

Road Trip to the Mother City #4: The Cruelty of Nature

On Saturday morning, our first morning in Cape Town, Ulricha and myself sat enjoying a lovely cup of coffee watching as the small birds flittered around my parents’ garden, enjoying the seed table that my father had set up, and just enjoying the little wild life display that was being provided for us.

I started taking a few photos of the little beasts, but in particular of a weaver’s nest that had been lovingly created by a talented little builder, who was still busy putting the finishing touches to his wonderful creation.

This morning, Sunday, we once again enjoyed our morning cup of coffee outside in the wonderful Cape sun, when we noticed that the beautiful nest of yesterday was no longer to be seen. It would appear that Mrs Weaver thought differently to ourselves and did not like the architectural design of the weaver’s nest, and had at some point in the previous 24 hours completely ripped it apart – all that remained was the bear palm tree leave where the nest had once hung.

How cruel nature is sometimes that the hours of loving dedication that Mr Weaver had put into his house could be so easily destroyed by a disgruntled or unhappy Mrs Weaver.

Thank goodness this kind of behaviour doesn’t happen (too often) amongst us humans!!!


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