Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The public holiday that was...

A lovely day is coming to an inevitable end.

We have had a very relaxed day. Our plans for going out to a local park for a picnic, changed into just having a lovely picnic at home in the gardens, enjoying the lovely sunshine and the simplicity of a home cooked lunch.
The animals joined us, with the dog and 2 cats circling us in ever tightening circles as they smelled the food, though didn’t want to just ask for a tit-bit.

Ulricha’s parents have been on holiday for the last few days, and her father asked me to look after the pool. Given that my technical know-how is very limited, this was a rather ambitious request.
What has made it worse is that the pool appears to have noticed that he has gone, and so has started playing up – with the pool cleaner stopping for no reason, the winds whipping up loads of leaves and dust and dumping it into the pool, and I swear I have started noticing marks on the pool floor that weren’t there before!

I have also found out that today was Heritage Day here in South Africa – hence the reason for the Public Holiday. I am not sure entirely what that means I should be celebrating, other than the obvious “Heritage”.

And so ends our little oasis of relaxation in the middle of this week. Tomorrow we are back to the grind, but thankfully just for another 2 days.


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