Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Lazy day in SA

What a week!
Thank goodness there is a Public Holiday in South Africa today (Wednesday) that we can all just lie in bed late and take a breather from the events of the last few days.

Just what Public Holiday is it though? I have no idea. I may need to Google that one to find out. It seems like Public Holidays in South Africa are only used to demarcate your next leave application, rather than being of any particular significance…

So – so far this week we have ousted a President and found ourselves a new mascot.

Events appear to be moving at quite a rate, and I don’t fully understand what is happening… What I do know is that Thabo is no longer President, and the new fellow has a name I couldn’t even begin to try to spell, so let’s just say, we have a new President.

It also appears that 14 cabinet ministers have resigned in support. I think it is 14 – I lost count at 10 (ran out of fingers). The strange thing is that some of those ministers are saying they are resigning in support of ex-President Mbeki. But they will go back into their posts if asked to by the new President. That doesn’t sound very supportive to me – but then I am not a politician – what the heck do I know?

Our finance minister – having previously said he would stay on regardless, was one of those that did resign (but will return if asked). Unfortunately, the markets didn’t hear the last part and only heard “I resign.” As a result they have all tumbled like a cheap house of cards, and the exchange rate is now R15,17 to the Pound. So our Christmas trip to London just got more expensive. Thanks Trev!

But talking of Leopards changing their spots – South Africa found itself a new leopard this week in the form of Zakumi, the mascot for the 2010 Football World Cup. Demonstrating some rather fabulous soccer skills (can we use the mascot in the national team?) Zakumi was unveiled to the media. Young, hip and a leopard with attitude” – though it remains to be seen exactly what attitude…. Nonetheless, sporting a fantastic afro-type hairstyle, Zakumi is here….

Let’s hope he isn’t ousted before his term of office is up in 2010!


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