Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mbeki's departure, as seen from Zimbabwe

The Internet is an amazing thing, and very often I find myself stumbling over things, rather than actually finding things that I set about searching for in the first place.

While you were asleep, or away, or at work, South Africa got itself a new President. A person described on the TV news as someone who doesn't wish to have power. And all of a sudden we have a new cabinet too - like someone went and bought it at Ikea.

Thankfully, through all of this, the markets in South Africa appear to have eased (slightly) and the exchange rate is slowly returning to something a little short of lunacy.

While some defend Thabo, and decry Zuma, I found an article posted a few days in the Harare Tribune. Interesting to see the view point of a Zimbabwean, as Thabo waves farewell to Parliament - seemingly moving to the Supreme Counrt to fight whoever it is he next needs to fight.

Dr Paul Mutuzu is the CEO of the National Vision Institute: An independent economic and political strategy think tank focusing on Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa Region and has some interesting things to say about Thabo Mbeki's departure as President.

When the article starts:
With a legacy of a presidency replete with episodes of controversy, sometimes utter buffoonery and lunacy, Thabo Mbeki’s collapse is well merited
you know you are in for a bumpy ride!


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