Friday, 26 September 2008

Feeling like Nero

I have the strangest feeling - rather like Nero fiddling while Rome burns...

When I look at the news, I see headlines about Paulson and his billions and every politician appears to be heading to Washington to twist the arm of "negotiators" - whose identities I couldn't begin to imagine... And all of this is going to save the World's economy.

At home, we have a new President, a new cabinet, and the markets appear to be returning to something resembling "normal".

And amidst all this change, upheaval and chaos, I feel like I am in the middle of an oasis of happiness and relaxation....
Today after work Ulricha and I skipped gym and rather went for a walk. Yes, in Johannesburg, in the sunshine, without an armed guard. We took ourselves on a walk to feed the geese, and enjoyed the fresh air and sound of birds chirping merrily.

In a world of change and turmoil, I am Nero, fiddling a relaxed tune and enjoying each moment of every sun filled day...

If only I had the Empire to match!


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