Saturday, 6 September 2008

Is there a gap in the recruitment market?

I was very interested to find my Homecoming Revolution Testimonial posted on the HCR blog this morning, but read with more interest some of the comments that had been posted - a whopping 12 comments, which on an article I have written, I find awesome.

But many people express the same view - when talking to recruitment agencies in South Africa from overseas, most people seem more willing to show you the door. "Come see us when you arrive" is the general comment back.

It is interesting that when I moved over to the UK in 2002 I used a service called "First Contact" (or 1st Contact) and they set me up with some really cheap hostel accommodation, a briefing session at their offices about the UK and London, and most significantly, assisted in me opening a bank account. Without their help I would have had severe difficulty getting that bank account, and everything that follows.

In the same way, when returning I would have had problems opening a bank account for myself. Fortunately I still had accounts open from when I lived here.

But with an increasing number of senior staff and experience and skills disappearing overseas, it seems significant that there are no agencies set up to assist getting these people back.

There were SEVERAL time during my drivers licence saga that I could happily have returned to the UK - where things just seem to work.

There must be a gap in the market here that someone is overlooking.


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