Friday, 5 September 2008

Storm photos - Eastern Cape

The storm that I experienced last weekend while in Cape Town, moved up the Southern Cape coast through the week, and as it went the wild winds that had tried in vain to rip the roof off my parents home on Sunday morning, whipped the Indian Ocean into a frenzy of white water and massive waves.

The attached photographs are from an email that is doing the rounds, and purports (though I suspect they are quite genuine) to be of the wabes lashing the Eastern Cape Coast near Port Elizabeth.

Two things stand out to me from these photographs.
Firstly, the fact that these waves are crashing into the coastline under a beautiful blue sky... So strange that these waves were caused by a storm that wasn't even present when the wabes made land fall.
Second - the sheer size of the waves!

Lastly - could someone tell me what the gentleman at the bottom of these iamges is doing to the dog that appears to be in mid air above his head???


Paul Chambers said...

Mike the chap in the photo saved the dog and also another family who were living rough nearby from drowning.He has become a local hero.

Mike said...

Sometimes the heroes are right in front of you, staring you in the face, and you fail to see them.

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