Thursday, 10 July 2008

Taking a breather....

Well, best I actually get something news worthy on here... otherwise you might think I have fallen asleep.... or worse.

The new job is going fantastically well. The company I am working for is really well organised, and I get the impression that I could have made use of their organisational skills in a prior life. For now I am still going through the "admin" phase - having lots of things thrown at me and generally being overwhelmed by information.

I have told you before about the change of heart regarding the car. Well, not only is the car on the shopping list, but the "Friends relocating to New Zealand" shop I found has some other rather nifty bits and pieces available... so count 1 washing machine, 1 dishwasher, 2 wall units and an over sized Television on my rather lengthy shopping list. Now to find somewhere to put them all!

Contrary to popular belief, I have not yet been hijacked, but every time I go to the garage and pay for petrol, I feel like I may as well have been! Petrol prices have just risen here again, although to use the straight conversion rate, petrol remains much cheaper here than in the UK.... Well, for now anyways.

So in an attempt to avoid the traffic on the pot hole riddled roads of Johannesburg, I have resumed my flying lessons.... Don't worry, I won't be appearing on a BA flight near you - although I could probably land just as neatly as that chap did in the field near Heathrow.... OK, I lie - I would miss a whole field if push came to shove!
But I can recover from a spiral dive - thank goodness.... I am sure that will come in handy next time I go near a roller coaster.

And that probably brings you up to speed with things... at least now I have a more reliable means of accessing the internet, so hopefully the updates to the blog will be a bit more regular from here on in.


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