Monday, 20 October 2008

A new arrival...

Well, we have a new addition to the family…

On Sunday, we got a puppy. Or more exactly, William got a puppy, who promptly stole all our hearts – so I think puppy more got a family!

Shadow, or Puppy, or Baby, or Mama, or Shady – ok, I think you can see that we haven’t quite got the name sorted out yet – is a cross Pekinese and Pug (or was that a Chihuahua?) She is about 6 inches tall in total and is still learning what those four things are that are sticking out under her body…

She has the cutest little face and a fondness for flowers – you know, the kind you can bite off of people’s prize flower bushes. I am not so sure that felix the cat is too impressed by this additional little bundle of fur – and this evening she made quite a point of making sure she lay with Ulricha – ensuring that she didn’t miss out on any attention that was being handed out.

But there you go. We have a puppy.

Now if only we could agree a name for the poor mite.


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