Thursday, 9 October 2008

"Ditsem" to Dischem!

As you may have worked out by now, ulricha and I are on a week long holiday in Cape Town.

So you can imagine how we panicked slightly when we realised that we had not gone to the Northgate Dischem to get the next month supply of a course of medication that has been prescribed to Ulricha.

So unsure of what might happen, we went to the Claremont branch of Dischem and enquired about whether we could get the next course of medication. After a few clicks of the mouse some swift hand movements over the keyboard and a confirmation of the personal details on file, we were getting ourselves the medication we needed - 1500 kilometers from where the actual prescription is situated.

It is a credit to a company like Dischem that they have a national database of scripts and perscriptions on file that allows travellers to get their medication when they are far from home.

Many thanks to the good folk of Dischem!


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