Monday, 8 September 2008

I finally have it!

I finally have it…

It feels like a life time ago that my friend offered to sell his car to me before he emigrated, and I feel like I have had to complete some of the tasks of Jason and the Argonauts to get it, but I finally have my new car…

What wonderful feeling – to own a car of your own, that you are not borrowing and beholden to someone.

I got my new Audi A4 on Saturday, and immediately set about using it and enjoying it.
Ulricha and I took it for a jaunt out to Lanseria, a small airport close to home, where I was considering continuing my flight training. But having checked the facilities, I have decided to stay put at Rand Airport – a decision almost confirmed by our visit out there on Sunday where we looked around the hangar and the aircraft.

I haven’t flown for a long while, but have booked my next flight for Sunday of next week – so the training continues!

But that is next week – right now I am just enjoying my new toy.


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