Sunday, 13 July 2008

Afrikaans word of the Week

I have been rather pleasantly surprised to see that my mastery of the Afrikaans language is still largely intact, and whilst on occasion I trip over the odd (OK – several) words, I am able to make myself understood in Afrikaans, and also understand when other people are talking to me. This has been a source of some merriment with my new colleagues, most of whom asked in the first week whether I could understand Afrikaans, and when I said yes, they were disappointed not to be able to gossip behind my back….

Regardless – I digress.
I thought I would share the language with you, one word at a time. And this week’s word is going to be “verkoue
It is pronounced “fur – co – a” and means cold. Not as in the temperature, but as in this horrible nuisance running nose I currently have.

So there you have your first Afrikaans word – “VERKOUE”.
Use it sparingly though – you know how many Afrikaans people there are in the UK that will start a conversation with you!


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