Thursday, 9 October 2008

Road trip to the Mother City #7: Catching up with Friends

Whenever I am in Cape Town, one of my “pilgrimages” is always to visit Suikerbossie – a beautiful restaurant situated above Hout Bay and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I used to work there when I was in University but had originally met one of the owners when I worked with him at a local family restaurant in Bergvliet – all the way back in 1990. And so every time I am in Cape Town, I make the journey to Hout Bay, to visit David and to enjoy Suikerbossie. On Wednesday I made that pilgrimage again.

What a surprise I was in for – with the restaurant having expanded and increased its capacity. Dave greeted Ulricha and me with a broad smile, and we very quickly got into reminiscing about how long it had been since I had seen him and about how things were when I had worked there. He encouraged us to walk around and enjoy the views, while he scurried off to find us a brew of coffee.

Suikerbossie has been one of the premier eating venues in Cape Town for a number of years, and Dave, and his partners have worked extremely hard to maintain that status – but even managed to improve it. It is also a top wedding venue and the many framed bridal photos all around the bar area bear testimony to just how many couples have used Suikerbossie as a wedding venue.

Ulricha had not been there before and she was completely blown away by the venue, and also the exquisite views of Hout Bay and over Llandudno. Despite the Cape Town weather dishing up some low grey cloud, and the occasional rain drop, the views were no less spectacular.

Our pilgrimage ended with a fond farewell to Dave and his team, promising to visit once more on the next occasion I was in Cape Town.

As Dave says, “That’s the rule!”


atomicvelvetsigh said...

woah what a weird name.. but the ambiance looks superb! btw passin by from botb.. and heres to inform you that im voting for you! goodluck! 8)

Mike said...

The name is an Afrikaans word, and directly translated means "sugar bush".

Thanks for stopping by and for your vote. I hope you will continue to visit in the future

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