Friday, 24 October 2008

Bid or Buy - or in my case Guess and Win... and Donate

You might had read my post on Wednesday, talking about the Bid or Buy auction competition, and if you did, you would have seen both my guess of the closing highest bid, and my pledge to donate any prize I might win to the Worldwide Blogger Bakeoff.

Well, in this modern age, apparently small miracles do happen, and this morning I learned that my guess of R67,467 was the closest of all the guesses, and that the prize of R300 was mine!

And so true to my word, I have donated my R300 to the Worldwide Blogger Bakeoff campaign, over and above a previous donation I made.

Thanks to Bid or Buy for inviting me to participate.
Their next competition is next week, and once more I will be participating (and donating if I win)


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