Thursday, 11 September 2008

Taking the time to feed the Geese

We found, quite by accident really, that there is a lovely large pond, or small dam, just around the corner from Ulricha's home. A quiet oasis of calm, amidst the bustle of a busy little suburb.

And so earlier this week, armed with our 3 pieces of white bread, we headed down there to enjoy the late afternoon and feed the geese.

Well the geese needed no second invitation, and in typical "Goose like fashion" imposed themselves upon us, bustling around us as if we were the first people to visit them this year, and greedily gulping down whole chunks of bread while noisily fending off other geese from their precious morsels of food.

But amidst all this flapping of wings and fussing over the smallest crumb, what an absolute joy to relax and unwind in a small bit of natural splendour, tucked quietly away in a busy Johannesburg suburb.

Sometimes we really do need to take time of our our busy days to feed the geese!


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