Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Internet to go 3-D?

I happened to stumble upon this quite by accident, but it appears that an Australian company has launched a piece of software that allows one to view the internet in three dimensions...

Melbourne based company, ExitReality, have developed the tool which they have as a free download on their website.

I tried to view this blog in 3-D but became concerned when required to download a large executable file, and then noticed my bandwidth dramatically eaten up in a short space of time. The program appears to be very resource intensive, creating an avatar that you can therefore roam around with, apparently being able to interact with other people viewing the same site as yourself.

While that is great for a blogger like me to interact with the readers of my work - I am too risk averse to take a chance when I see massive file downloads and large amounts of resource being gulped up.

Let me know if it works for you - and if you meet others viewing my blog - pelase say "Hello!" on my behalf.

For more, see the CNET article here.


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