Sunday, 28 September 2008

Grounded by the weather

Having boasted liberally and to great lengths about the phenomenal weather that Johannesburg has enjoyed since I arrived at the end of June, today finally turned around and bit me in the butt – and the cloudy day has caused my flight lesson to be cancelled. Ironically though, the cloud level around home is fine enough to fly in, but at the airport I am flying out of the level is far lower, and hence I am grounded…

The weather has turned though actually, and today is a completely unusual day. The temperature is far lower than it has been (still mild by UK standards) but Felix the cat has decided that this is no day to be outside, and has curled up on the duvet – right next to Ulricha, I might add!

It is remarkable to think that September is already just about at an end – the year already three quarters of the way through. Already I have been in South Africa for 3 months.

Ulricha’s parents returned from their week long holiday at the sea side, and seemingly my supervision of the pool was in fact quite good. I am relieved, I must say, as my technical experience of these things is rather limited. But even I would have to say that I am proud of myself on this particular score! Hopefully in the next few weeks it will be warm enough to enjoy the pool – without fear of frost bite!

I think for now though I am going to follow Felix’s fine example – and climb in under the duvet!


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