Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Brabys Maps - credit where credit due

Often we are quick to criticise and slow to commend, but I need to make a special mention of Braby’s new online mapping service that appears to have been introduced in the last few weeks.

Having been in the UK for a few years, I becamse accustomed to the system found on and when I was first shown Brabys to look at maps for South Africa – in my case Gauteng, I found it clumsy and far from user friendly.

However they appear to have transformed the user interface, making maps interactive, easily panned and moved simply with a mouse click, transitions are quick and smooth, and you don’t need to wait for the entire page to reload. Zooming is efficient and effortless.

They continue to offer a satellite view of the area you are looking at as well as a hybrid view – combination of both the satellite image and the mapping.

The new system is far more like what I was used to and what I enjoy, and I trust that I will not be the only one making more use of Brabys’s new features in the future.

Congratulations to a vendor who clearly have the needs of their clients and users in mind and have invested accordingly. I highly recommend Brabys to the South African internet user.


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