Monday, 18 August 2008

Knife crime rocks South Africa

When I left London, there was much consternation over the increasing levels of knife crime amongst young people, and the media would pride itself on spouting statistic upon statistic about the latest young person you had lost their life on the end of a blade.

Apparently the knife crime in England, and particularly London, was gang motivated.

On Monday South Africa, and more particularly Johannesburg, was rocked by an incident where one young person killed another by means of a knife - well, more specifically, a SWORD - although apparently the individual in question arrived at school with no less than three such knives.

Apparently this was not gang related, and the local media have been quick to brang this an "apparent Satanic ritual" - likening the masks the suspect had in his possession to those worn by the bank Slipknot.

How easy it is to put these crimes into little boxes. To categorise them to the point that they are someone else's apparent problem. One has to ask what the suspect's parents were doing while he was amassing is small Samurai arsenal, and why no one questioned an individual walking around with 3 swords - one a "60 centimetre long blade", similar to a "Japanese Samurai sword"

When will we tire of pointing the finger and finding reasons why it is not OUR fault that society is falling apart around our feet?


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