Saturday, 30 August 2008

Driver's licence saga - RESOLUTION

I finally have it!

Having fought with seemingly every government department in Gauteng Province, and beaten my head on just about every bureaucratic wall to be seen – and some even unseen – I have my temporary drivers licence in my grubby little mitt!!!

And to top that, my credit card style drivers licence will be available for collection in the mythical “6 to 8 weeks”.

This little piece of information makes no difference to me being able to drive in South Africa – but it does mean that my car finance has finally been fully completed and that I can now buy the car I have been wanting…

The process has been long and painful and frustrating, but somewhere hidden in the miles of red tape, there is a process to follow… I will give full detail of the requirements and the process, as to be honest, I have not been able to find a decent set of instructions for this myself – so I may as well make one up and share it with everyone.

But that will have to wait for another day.

Right now I am busy dancing on the ceiling, temporary driver licence in hand…


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