Monday, 28 July 2008

A Calendar with a Cause...

I am not one who usually does promotion of other sites or events - partly because I am not very good at it.... In fact, mostly because I am not very good at it...

But when it involves some mates getting their kit off for a good cause, then I guess my interest in more than a little aroused....

Hollie Miller is a friend I have known for some time. She has gathered some of her friends together from the modelling industry and put a Calendar together to raise funds for a registered charity, Help for Heroes.

Help for Heroes is a charitable organisation set up to promote and raise funds to help soldiers wounded in active service with the British Armed Forces. The charity is supported by The Army Benevolent Fund and aims to help provide wounded servicemen and women with hospital care, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Hollie has taken it upon herself to run a year long campaign to raise as much as she can for this charity, and one of her projects is "The Girlie Calendar 2009".

I would strongly encourage you to take a look at the website she has set up, and order a calendar for yourself. Not only will you be getting a calendar with some fine looking ladies, you will be supporting a very worthy cause.


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