Sunday, 22 June 2008

Waiting at the gate

It doesn't help that I have had only 3 hours sleep... And have just stood in a queue for an hour.

Having set 4 different alarms to make sure that I did wake up this morning, I got myself to the airport for 3:30am... So far so good then.

Having previously phoned Heathrow and having enquired as to what time the terminal opened, and been told "It never closes", I soon realise that the terminal does "never close". However, that doesn't mean that it is in fact staffed....

After carefully negotiating the release of my boarding pass from a funky computer that only opened at 4am, I stood waiting at the head of what became a very long queue. Waiting for staff to man the check in desks.... that only happened at 5am... Before then though we were treated to umpteen bus loads of staff arriving through the front door, and simply disappearing, like into some black hole...

Then I discovered that I was exactly 50% over my actual baggage weight allowance... I don't understand that personally - what if I was more obese - would I have to pay then too????

Anyway - I am here at the gate, seemingly with the only souls awake in London, waiting again for the magic double doors to fly open that we can board...

Waiting.... what a typically English thing to do.


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