Friday, 20 June 2008

Practice never makes perfect

No matter how much you practice, saying good bye never gets any easier - and in the last week or so I have had my fair fill of practicing!

But despite that, there were far more "farewells" and "see you in the future" than there were "good bye"'s.

If it were 10 - or even 5 - years ago, saying good bye and relocating from one country to another, would be far more final, far more definite, and in fact I have no contacts from the the last company I worked for in South Africa. Yet this time around you get the feeling that the chance of staying in touch, no matter how frequent or infrequent is very high, and that even if months or perhaps years pass by, we won't ever really lose touch and certainly will "see you again sometime".

Yet for all that optimism for the future, the act in the here and now remains a sombre affair, talking to people today on the phone and via email, the reality starts to set in.

Thankfully, my practicing saying "good bye" is just about done...


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