Sunday, 15 June 2008

The last this and that...

It's only when you get to the last week on the count down to something, that reality starts really hitting home, well for me anyway.

For some reason knowing that you have done something on the last day of the week makes it really feel like you are very near the deadline you are approaching.

In my case I have just enjoyed my last Sunday, and spent it out in the East Sussex countryside, enjoying stippled sunshine and a pub lunch. And a pleasant surprise along the way was a massive herd of Scottish Highland cattle in Kent. Then down beyond Tonbridge Wells into Ashdown Forest.

But knowing that today was my last Sunday before leaving makes it strangely poignant, suddenyl I feel like I need to savour every second of the day, remembering it for later recollection in stories of "What I did in my last week in the UK"...

Well, my particular last week contains many "lasts" - my last visit to people I have worked with, my last Monday morning commute (thank goodness!) and my full week.


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