Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Getting mobile

Tuesday I continued getting things in place and set up here.

My bank accounts were finally sorted out and completely happy with me - now at least my bank manager will give me the time of day, rather than a disapproving look and a loud "tutting".

I also have my SA mobile and internet access sorted out - the only fly in that particular ointment being my UK service provider's locking of my hand set.... So a plan has been put in place to get that particular little issue resolved.

And most significantly of all, I bought myself (ok, perhaps more specifically, I ORDERED) a new car!

I bought myself a Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 TDi - a great 4 door sedan which has met with universal approval as I have told people of my choice. Costing about two thirds the price of an Audi A4, the Jetta will still give me a really comfortable ride, and fabulous fuel economy. A really significant fact, given the Diesel price here is climbing steadily... still cheaper than the translated UK Pound price of a litre of Diesel, but still quite expensive.

So slowly I am getting a life created and in place, which is a huge relief.
I wonder what excitement Wednesday will hold?


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