Friday, 27 June 2008

Caught in Red Tape

You just knew that things were going FAR too well....

I have finally been caught up in bureaucratic red tape.
It would appear that the application for finance for my new car with one bank has been rejected, because I have a UK driving licence, and not a South African driving licence.

This is odd, as I have held a driving licence for half my life, and only held a UK licence for the last 6 years. To my mind I can drive crap using any country;s driving licence...

Apparently though in order for this particular application to be considered, I need to be in the process of applying for a driving licence. A process which requires me to jump through hoops backwards - and blind folded.... Oh yes - I am terribly happy about the situation...

It would seem however that this is just one application with one bank, and apparently another bank may not take such a dim view of me and my foreign driving licence. (I should add that the UK and South Africa drive on the same side of the road... South Africans just tend to use the hard shoulder for over taking purposes)

So it's "watch this space" I guess.

I wonder what licence I need to buy a horse?


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